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SIVAC – Vacuum sewer system

The vacuum sewer system consists of a vacuum station, valve chamber package and vacuum  pipeline. The specific name of the system differs according to the manufacturer of the vacuum valves adopted in the system.

Unlike gravity flow systems in general, the main sewer pipeline in the vacuum sewer system are maintained in vacuum condition at all times by the vacuum pump installed in the vacuum station. Domestic sewage assembles in the valve chamber package and is sent to the vacuum pipeline. Through the vacuum pipeline, which is laid underground shallowly in the saw tooth profile, domestic sewage is collected in a collection tank in the vacuum station. Then, from the collection tank, it is delivered to the main sewer pipeline or to the sewage treatment facilities by the aid of sewage pump.


•  Economic  pipe laying of vacuum pipes in flat and narrow  trenches

•  Power  / cost saving

•  Trenchless pipe laying with rinse drill operations

•  Small  diameters (80-200 mm)

•  Load relieving of clarification plant  - drain water clarification only

•  Water saving

•  Without leakage, hygienic due to the closed  system

•  No infiltration of ground  water due to closed  system

•  No exfiltration of wastewater

•  No pipe cleaning due to self-cleaning

•  Air ventilation of wastewater

•  Flexible and faster construction


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