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Pipe tightness checking

Tightness checking of pipes between manholes                                

The tightness checking of a part of a sewage pipe between two successive shafts, according to the directive EN 1610/1994 includes:

  • Pipe sealing at shaft entrances with proper machines (sealing plugs), that permit air or water entrance or exit
  • The piping of pressurized air or water and the monitoring of the process with the help of a computer
  • Pipe eduction and machinery removal
  • Presentation of the results (tightness protocol)


Tightness checking of joints between pipes

The tightness test of pipe joints (muff joints) at any part of the sewage pipe, according to the directive EN1610/1994 includes:

  • The localization of the control point (muff joint) by video recording
  • The placement of a special tightness checking device inside the pipe via the shaft. The device seals the pipe at its both sides and supplies air or water to its main body
  • Pressurized air or water supply and pipe monitoring with the help of a computer
  • Machine removal
  • Presentation of the results (tightness protocol)


Tightness tests are applied to:

  • New sewage pipes before being used
  • Existing pipes according to European directives
  • Repaired pipes in order to check tightness quality

In order to check pipe tightness, water and air are used.


YDROFILI firm is certified by German certification body to carry out the above mentioned pipe tightness tests.

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