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Our firm has a 20 year experience in the field of infrastructure inspiring reliability and respect and gives great importance to the quality of our operations. That is the reason why we search for responsible suppliers in the international market that combine high quality and low cost. We are really proud to have accomplished to represent, the last 10 years, international firms of high Technology and Know-how in sectors like cleaning vehicles with high pressure suction, closed circuit systems for the inspection of pipes, automotive and portable repair robots and pipe repairing materials without excavation, as well as software that supports network's inspection and restoration.

Cleaning and suction of pipelines
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Special obstructive cleaning vehicles High pressure and pressure pipelines - suction.
Inspection - video recording
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Special Vehicle videography conductor heads adapted to different profiles
Water supply leak detection
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Proper equipment for concerted and effective leak detection survey.
Pipe repair methods
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Special Robot rehabilitation pipeline damage and networks without excavation.
Safe Shafts' Inspection
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Inspection of pipelines and shafts at distances up to 100m with QuickView system.
Pipe tightness checking
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Pipe leak check using water and air.
Shaft rehabilitation
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Sealing with internal and external coating in broken, corroded and generally problematic surfaces.
Boreholes inspection
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Video Filming, Mapping & opportunity pipeline drilling inspection.
WebPage: GIS
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GIS-enabled Capture & Storage of information.
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