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Reproofing with Point System method

Advantages of Point System

  • The system is applied through shafts without excavation in order to repair the damaged pipe
  • There are no traffic problems during the operation except for the shaft area
  • Operation takes place exactly at the problematic spot thus saving time and money
  • During the repair the pipe semi-functions, and two hours after the operation it is fully functional
  • The system can be applied even when there is a flow of external water in the pipe, even with high pressure


Point system is applied to sewage and water pipes, made of cement, reinforced concrete, ceramic, plastic, of cross-section from Φ100 to Φ1200. This system can be used for:

  • Water sealing
  • Open, broken or leaky pipe joints
  • Root penetration
  • Holes, cracks or erosion of pipe walls
  • Projecting edge joints
  • Pipe blocking

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